The Five Dimes Mission

We believe that a good education should be accessible to all children. Education is the great equalizer. Through our donor community and fundraising initiatives, Five Dimes Foundation provides disadvantaged youth with opportunities for the enhancement of life and health through education and sports programs.

The programs we support strive to help kids achieve the Five Dimes Fundamentals of a fulfilling and healthy life:

Five Dimes Foundation Mission
Physical Activity is one of the Five Dimes Fundamentals


Through sport, kids not only learn the importance of an active lifestyle, they also learn teamwork, respect for others, and the importance of setting goals and achieving them through self-discipline and continuous improvement.

Nutrition is one of the Five Dimes Fundamentals


Through our partnership with Co-impact; a global philanthropy and social change network, we provide assistance for community farming initiatives, education on healthy eating, and environmental sustainability.

Education is one of the Five Dimes Fundamentals

Life-long Learning

We believe that a love of learning will carry every child every step of the way along life’s journey. We aim to help kids become lifelong learners by supporting educational programs that foster their natural curiosity and wonder.

Welbeing is one of the Five Dimes Fundamentals


Five Dimes supports children’s mental health programs to help instill confidence and positive mindsets in all aspects of school, family, friends, and community influence. Reductions in stress and anxieties also promote a good night’s rest which is vital to physical and mental wellbeing.

Spirituality is one of the Five Dimes Fundamentals


Whether religious or personal belief, a spiritual foundation can provide inspiration, strength, and guidance, while giving meaning and a sense of place and purpose to one’s life.

Join us in our mission by becoming a Five Dimes donor today, every little bit helps support those in need.

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